I See Past You.

When I watched you leave, I held on tight to the small chance you’d be coming back. My love I devoted to you, I never asked for anything, just to recieve it back. I trusted you with my heart, seems like you used it wrecklessly. I trusted you, but you abused me, hurt me, and took the only worthy possesion I had, you. Yet I care for you just the same as that first day we met<3 I didn’t want to fall in love, but I did. Now I can’t mend my broken heart without you. You promised forever, promised to never leave. So where are you? It’s clearly over, but I sit here and wait, a patient lonliness. I wait for you to come back. I wait for your embrace. Deep down, a part of me knows your never coming back. But i swear to you, through all of this, I’m going to stay right here., right where you left me.

When your ready come home. Come back, because I need you here with me.

Liar. Liar.